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Microsoft Announces the Planetary Computer

Critical questions about the environment that scientists, conservation organisations and businesses typically need to know, are being asked every day, often with no easy way to obtain a locally relevant answer. In a bid to save the world, Microsoft has committed support for a new kind of computing platform – a Planetary Computer, a platform […]

Powershell: Security Error – Not digitally signed. You cannot run this script on the current system

PowerShell is built on the .NET Framework. It shares some syntax features and keywords with the C# programming language. Learning PowerShell can make it much easier to learn C#. If you’re already familiar with C#, these similarities can make learning PowerShell easier. However if you are not familiar with either, running a simple Powershell command […]

Left Behind – Reason Why You Need Agile !

agile scrum training

If you missed Agile 101 – and Introduction to Scrum on Saturday 7th March 2020, you could be at a disadvantage to getting that next job!  Cloudstreet’s Darwin CBD training room was baptised with a one day, fun and interactive Agile classroom-based training session by our partner’s Key Training. So if you’d like to know […]